Sugar Creek: Sara’s Mates :Book 3

Sugar Creek: Sara's Mates

Sugar Creek: Sara's Mates

Sara Wise is dragged from her bed by two huge hunky werewolves pounding on the door to her cabin, after the celebration of her sister’s wedding Melissa to her two mates. Chase and Tony Avero try to drag Sara back to their cabin so they can talk to her and get to know their mate. Sara is not impressed at being hauled from her bed at four o’clock in the morning and tries to clobber the two men with a tree branch. She is no match for the two huge men and finds herself ensconced in their cabin. Sara is so angry she mouths off at them which unbeknownst to her sets her mates blood on fire. Tony and Chase end up seducing Sara and claim her as their mate. Sara escapes from the two dominant werewolves and doesn’t realize she is being stalked by a rogue werewolf. Will her mates get to her in time or will they be too late?


About Becky Wilde

I am an Erotic Romance E-Book Author. I write Explicit Erotic Romance within the Menage, Paranormal, Shapeshifter and Werewolf Genres. I am newly published with Solstice After Dark and have my own website
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One Response to Sugar Creek: Sara’s Mates :Book 3

  1. Melissa says:

    Will there be any other books for this series…love the characters!?

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