Amber’s Blood Mates

Amber Holland meets a tall dark, sexy stranger at her brother and sister in law’s tenth anniversary party. She finds him a bit creepy and gives him the brush off as she is not yet ready for a serious relationship. Alexei Stoniski knows Amber is his and his brother Dimitri’s Blood Mate as soon as she enters the ballroom of the elite hotel. He tries strike up a conversation with his mate, but is given the brush off. He and his brother Dimitri follow Amber back to her apartment and use their vampire powers to persuade Amber into inviting them into her home. When she takes ill they look after her and take her back to their home. They end up having to convert Amber into a vampire when she doesn’t listen to their warnings and inadvertently, nearly get herself killed. Amber escapes from them and ends up in the hands of a Rogue vampire. Her mates rescue her and just when they think the danger is finally over. More danger comes their way. Will her mates be able to save her from the Rogues and demon after their mate. Or will the demon prevail?


About Becky Wilde

I am an Erotic Romance E-Book Author. I write Explicit Erotic Romance within the Menage, Paranormal, Shapeshifter and Werewolf Genres. I am newly published with Solstice After Dark and have my own website
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