Review: Honey Potts and Her Alien Mates by Becky Wilde

“Every woman will want her own trio of blue aliens once they get to know Sven, Cail and Igor. They are every woman’s dream.”

Honey Potts and her Alien Mates

Honey Potts and her Alien Mates

Honey Potts spends Friday nights drinking and dancing with her best friend, Rhiannon Lyons. She arrives home after partying and enters her bedroom where she is confronted by three lights floating around the room. The lights surround her and spread feelings of joy and love through out her body. The next thing she remembers, Honey is in a strange room with three huge, handsome blue men. They inform her that she is their mate (all three of them). They convince Honey that she must join with all of them at the same time in order to unite their spirits. How can a girl refuse? But her new life is not all about hot sex. The shortage of females on the planet can make a male desperate enough to kidnap a female destined for another. Honey is captured by one of these males. Can her mates save her before it is too late?

Sven, Cail and Igor Malay are from the planet Calt. The Malay brothers were forced to find their mate on another planet. Their ten year search ends where their spirits connect with the spirit of the beautiful Earth girl named Honey Potts. She is everything they want in a mate, so they abduct her and take her back to Calt. In spite of the great sex they share with Honey, she is still sad. She loves them, but she withdraws from them. Can Sven, Cail and Igor discover Honey’s secret pain before it destroys all of them?

In the first book of a new series, Becky Wilde takes the reader on a merry sexual romp on a planet where the male siblings in one family mate with a single female. Every woman will want her own trio of blue aliens once they get to know Sven, Cail and Igor. They are every woman’s dream. Honey is as sweet and innocent as her name. Together they will set the reader’s pulse racing. With a whole planet filled with sexy blue men, the story possibilities are endless.

About the Book:
Genre: fantasy
ISBN: 9780557997480
Page Count: 104
Price: $ 2.99
Reviewer: Candy


About Becky Wilde

I am an Erotic Romance E-Book Author. I write Explicit Erotic Romance within the Menage, Paranormal, Shapeshifter and Werewolf Genres. I am newly published with Solstice After Dark and have my own website
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