Coffee Time Romance

Coffee Time Romance

Rhiannon's Alian High Chancellors

Rhiannon's Alian High Chancellors

ISBN#: 9781458170842
January 2011
Solstice Publishing
87 Pages
Erotic romance, menage, science fiction, multiple partners
Rating: 4 Cups

Rhiannon Lyons has just lost her best friend Honey, and misses her terribly. She is a mess and does not know what she is going to do without her heart sister.

Adarm, Thed, and Gram are High Chancellors on their home planet of Calt and are the mates of Rhiannon. All they want to do is help Rhiannon by taking her to her friend, Honey, and loving her, but this is a much larger job than they anticipated.

Rhiannon is a mess, and she knows it. Her best friend and heart sister, Honey, is missing and she does not know what she is going to do without her. She has spent weeks passing out flyers and talking to people in an attempt to find the only person who has always loved her unconditionally. In Honey’s memory, she has continued their Friday night tradition of partying it up which includes alcohol consumption. However, this particular Friday night, Rhiannon thinks maybe she has imbibed just a little too much, especially when she wakes up the next day with the memory of three bright lights being in her apartment the night before. When she does not recognize anything in the room, and then three gorgeous blue aliens show up and tell her she is on their space ship, she becomes convinced she is having alcohol and possibly stress-induced hallucinations. She refuses to believe that any of it, including that the blue men are real. To top it off, she goes into mating heat and forces her mates to have to do something drastic to keep her from being in excruciating pain. Will Rhiannon learn to trust and accept her mates? Will Honey be able to help her adjust to life on Calt? Or will the worst happen?

Wow! This is one super hot series! I loved reading Rhiannon’s story. In this book you get to learn even more about Calt and the culture there. You also learn more about Honey, and her mates which I found exhilarating. Ms. Wilde does an excellent job of drawing out the suspense of whether or not Rhiannon is going to be able to adjust to life on Calt. Also, she is able to clearly show the difference in personalities between Rhiannon and Honey. Sometimes when you read a series, the main characters do not seem to have too many differences when it comes to their personalities or the way they react to things. This can make the books seem like the same stories with just the names changed, not so with these! As with the first book Honey Potts and Her Alien Mates, the sex is eyebrow singing, but if you are like me, that just adds to the story. I cannot wait for the next book in this series and am eagerly awaiting it. I encourage anyone who loves science fiction romance to check these books out!

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About Becky Wilde

I am an Erotic Romance E-Book Author. I write Explicit Erotic Romance within the Menage, Paranormal, Shapeshifter and Werewolf Genres. I am newly published with Solstice After Dark and have my own website
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