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    My Writing

I have read thousands of romance books over the years, and have enjoyed the genre erotic romance with menage and erotic sex scenes the most. I have read some erotic romance books and found them wanting as they do not have enough emotion within the story. These books left me feeling as if there was a big hole in the story and unsatisfied if in fact I did actually finish reading them. I enjoy stories with the hot sex scenes but to me there must be real emotion also, so you can laugh or cry along with the characters and lose yourself within the pages.

I am endeavoring to fill my stories with emotion as well as hot menage erotic sex scenes. I often do plot out a story even though it is only to a small extent. I make my characters first by hair color, age, height etc. then I plan where the story will take place; then I start writing. I am very lucky as once I start a story, after the initial planning, the story flows from my brain to the tips of my fingers.

The men in my stories are always handsome and well-built physically as this is what most women will fantasize about. The erotic menage sex scenes have to be filled with emotion as well as the physical aspect of the scenes. In short the more emotion in the story, with a good serving of hot, erotic sex scenes the better.

I can’t wait for my next books to be released and I hope that you agree with me in regards to the more emotion in an erotic romance menage story as well as the hot sex scenes.

    About Me

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my family and am privileged to be able to stay at home and write for a living. I have been married for twenty-one years to a wonderful man who is my heart, soul and strength.

We have two wonderful teenagers who keep me on my toes. We also have two beagles who think they are human. They are hilarious to watch. Just like small children.

I used to work in newspaper advertising and also in sales. I became rather unhappy with my profession so I resigned in April 2010, to start doing what I had always dreamed of doing, since I was a teenager. WRITING.

I have always tried to write; but finally bit the bullet so I could put my heart and soul into my passion. I am currently writing Erotic Romance.

I am an avid reader. If I cannot read something at least once a day I don’t think I could survive. LOL. 🙂

I hope that you enjoy my updates and my writing, I am always looking for feedback so that I can learn and improve. I am writing for my own enjoyment and would love to hear from others who read my stories.